Zhejiang HaiNa Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Formerly known as Hangzhou HaiNa Semiconductor Co., Ltd., May 24, 2016 changed its name to Zhejiang HaiNa Semiconductor Co., Ltd.) was established in September 2002,is a major producer of silicon wafers in china.

The main business of Zhejiang Haina Semiconductor CO.,LTD consists of development and production of Czochralski monocrystalline silicon series (including silicon wafers for rectifier CMOS chip in energy-saving lights,lapped wafers and polished wafers for integrated circuit and discrete components). 


Integrated Circuit Lapping/Polishing Sheet


Discrete device lapping/polishing discs


Silicon wafers for rectifier chips


Ground wafers for power switching tubes


Specialty Discrete Device Grinding Wafers


4-6 inch oxidized silicon wafers
Double-sided oxidation/single-sided oxidation Oxide layer thickness 50um-2um
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4-6 inch polished silicon wafers
Dual throw/single throw/easy throw 3-8 inches, TIR<10um
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3-8 inch ground wafers
Double-sided grinding 3-8 inches, thickness tolerance <10um
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Good News! The company was recognized as "Zhejiang Science and Technology Giant".

Hina Semiconductor has been selected as one of the 2023 Zhejiang Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprises. It symbolizes that the company has always adhered to independent innovation, leading high-quality development over the years, and actively promoting the business level from self-exploration to the introduction of technology, cross-border integration, fully demonstrating the high level of innovation and comprehensive strength of the "science and technology small giants enterprise". In the future, the company will always adhere to the innovation leadership, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, continue to realize new breakthroughs in key core technologies and the innovative development of semiconductor industry to converge surging kinetic energy, and effectively drive the synergistic development of upstream and downstream enterprises, and strive to become an important support for the local economy and the engine of development.

Love is invisible, blood donation is compassionate

Blood Donation: Fueling Love and Life Gathering Staff Strength, Thickly Planting Haina's Commitment A bright red blood donation card is the pride of every blood donor and the witness of Haina people's interpretation of love and dedication. In the future, Haina will continue to participate in various social welfare undertakings, promote love, write red music with love and blood, and water the flower of life with dedication and perseverance.


No.5 Wanxiang Road, Huabu Town, Kaihua County, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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