4-6 inch oxidized silicon wafers

Double-sided oxidation/single-sided oxidation Oxide layer thickness 50um-2um
Product description

With an oxide thickness of 50nm-7000nm on 4-6 inch silicon oxide wafers, thermal oxide layers are excellent dielectric layers that act as insulators. In many silicon-based devices, the thermal oxide layer plays an important role as a doping blocking layer and surface dielectric.


Application Areas

1. Ion implantation blocking layer. Silicon dioxide acts as a mask for the diffusion of impurities. In integrated circuit manufacturing, several commonly used impurities such as boron, phosphorus, arsenic, etc. in the silicon dioxide film diffusion is much slower than their diffusion in silicon. Therefore, in the production of semiconductor devices in various areas (such as the source-drain area of the transistor), the most commonly used method is to first grow a layer of oxide film on the surface of the silicon wafer, after photolithography, development, and then etched off the need to dope the regional surface of the oxide film, thus forming a doping window, and ultimately through the window selectively inject impurities into the corresponding region.

2, gate oxide layer. In the manufacturing process of MOS/CMOS integrated circuits, siO2 is usually used as the insulating gate medium of MOS transistors, i.e., gate oxide layer.

3、Dielectric isolation. The isolation methods in integrated circuit fabrication are PN junction isolation and dielectric isolation, in which dielectric isolation is usually chosen as siO2 oxide film. For example, CMOS process in the field oxygen (used to isolate PMOS and NMOS transistors) is siO2 film, used to isolate PMOS tubes and NMOS tubes in the active region.

4, insulating medium. Silicon dioxide is a good insulator, so for multi-layer metal wiring structure, it is used as an insulating medium between the upper and lower two layers of metal, which prevents short circuits between metals.

5、Metal wiring test.

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